The healthcare industry needs a larger workforce, starting with an increased number of CNAs to fill roles at various care facilities. As more people require quality care, we could quickly find ourselves past the tipping point, and finding CNAs will escalate from a sizable challenge to full-on crisis. Getting a larger CNA workforce has less to do with sourcing students as much as it has to do with the availability of training opportunities.

Reaching More CNA Students

When facilities offer CNA training courses, many potential students feel marginalized. Taking courses at a facility or other location means taking time off from work, rescheduling other obligations, finding transportation and other factors which can make self-improvement and a career in the healthcare profession seem extremely prohibitive. If there is a current decrease in new CNAs, the reason is not a lack of willing students, but a lack of accessibility.

Removing Pressure from CNA Students

Taking CNA training courses requires concentration. A student should not have to worry about neglected responsibilities or how to review material outside of the classroom, because that leads to burnout and poor passing stats per class. The compressed, intensive CNA training courses only generate a higher burnout rate among students, which creates an even smaller workforce.

Follow-Up after Training

For those CNA students who take courses at locations outside of a facility, there is very little direction after the course has been completed. This leaves new CNAs at a loss as to where to connect with employers to provide the care people need. There needs to be a new approach.

One Solution for CNA Students

CNAonline offers a solution to the issues above. By offering online courses, the opportunity to become a CNA is available to more students than ever before. Learning online means students can learn at their own pace, review materials 24/7, and meet a few times at a facility for in-person, hands-on clinical training. Once the course is completed, more CNAs are made available, and the training facility has the opportunity to hire the CNAs who learned on their equipment and acclimated to their culture. By adopting a hybrid training model that blends online coursework with in-person clinical skills, the healthcare industry can get access to qualified CNAs to fill roles and provide the necessary care to people for decades to come. Contact CNAonline today to learn more about our program.