About CNA Online

CNAonline.com is powered by Academic Platforms, an education solutions provider founded in 2015 by Jeff Amrein, John Reinhart and Michael Boone.

Through an exclusive licensing agreement with the American Health Care Association (AHCA) we have converted the How to Be a Nurse Assistant curriculum and related manuals into a complete, cloud-based, online solution complete with e-book, lectures, and video instruction. We also offer an accredited version of the course through our partnership with Bethel University.

Our CNA course incorporates a blended learning model with an in-person, skills training component. It is the first in a series of pre-licensure courses that comprise a full clinical career pathway that health care providers can offer to prospective students. Our solution solves the problem of workforce shortage in the aging care environment and also provides career opportunities for people who would like to be part of the medical field.

CNA Online’s very first client was Bethel University, a private, fully Southern Association of Colleges and Schools-accredited institution, located in the southeast. Currently, Academic Platform hosts over 700 courses which we converted for Bethel.

These conversions, including multiple nursing courses, plus our in-depth understanding of the challenges of aging care service providers, have given us a perfect segue to workforce development solutions in the aging care space. Our focus is to build out pre-licensure courses to give providers the ability to recruit, develop and retain high quality clinical staff.