“This is a great program for facilities who don’t already have a CNA training program and don’t know where to start. Rather than develop your own program, I recommend you use CNAOnline.com. If you are a stand-alone or part of a corporation or group of buildings that belongs to the same owner or in the same location of a bunch of facilities who needs help in finding nurse assistants, this program allows you to centralize efforts within one location.”

Kellie Jimerson
Administrator, Atlantic Specialty Care

“I enjoyed the entire program. I really liked the flexibility. I was able to work and still do my classes. Whether I was at home, or waiting at a doctor’s appointment, I could get on my phone and do what I needed to do. The skills teacher was very helpful and fun and hands-on. She would take the time to help. I have two children in school, so having the online classes has made it so easy to learn how to be a CNA.”

Star Claycomb
CNA Student

“After I became certified and experienced the clinicals with CNAonline, it really helped me decide what I wanted to do with my career, which was to be a nurse. Working with the elderly was very eye-opening and humbling. You realize you are helping people and truly making a difference.”

Cassie Emily
CNA Student