There is a growing gap in the healthcare industry. More people across the United States are in need of quality care, and that population segment is going to increase for the next few decades. The equation is further unbalanced as there are not enough CNAs to fill those vital roles and provide the care and services to those who need them the most.

CNA Staffing Issues Can Self-Perpetuate

As waves of people are in need of care from CNAs, many nurses are retiring from the workforce. This places even more of a burden on the existing workforce. If the strain becomes too much, many qualified and highly competent CNAs will also leave their positions in search of other job opportunities, even if those jobs are less fulfilling. Right now, the healthcare industry at large, and those who need quality care the most, cannot afford to experience this type of implosion.

CNA Training Efforts

Increasing recruiting efforts to hire CNAs is putting the cart before the horse. Instead, facilities are concentrating on offering CNA training courses to build up the talent pool. Some places are even offering accelerated CNA training with the hope of turning out more certified nursing assistants in a shorter period of time. While accelerated CNA training courses have a higher burnout rate than traditional classes, there are more integral issues in growing the current CNA talent pool. Our country has caring individuals who have a passion for providing quality care to people who might want to transition to a career in healthcare by becoming CNAs. However, if they are burdened with full-time jobs and other responsibilities, the time required to attend physical CNA classes makes the effort prohibitive. This accounts for the small class numbers and is part of the reason why the healthcare industry cannot grow its workforce at a rate to match the growing demands.

Solving the CNA Staffing Crisis

CNAonline has developed a hybrid CNA training course which makes the necessary education and test preparation available 24/7, while also working with facilities to provide the hands-on experience of clinical and lab time. By offering CNA training online, we can reach a much wider audience. Because the resources are available online, students can learn at their own pace. We use the American Health Care Association’s nationally-acclaimed How to Be a Nurse Assistant curriculum, so students receive the most comprehensive education and training before taking the CNA exam. Our goal is to increase the number of CNAs in the workforce to help facilities overcome staffing issues.

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