With the high demand for CNAs to provide quality care, there are a number of accompanying risks posed to both potential CNA students as well as facilities looking to source qualified employees after training courses have finished.

CNA Training Courses Vary in Quality

There is really no standardization among vendors offering CNA training courses, which leads to varying quality. Some courses offer super-condensed intensive training in order to sell facilities on the high rates at which they churn out CNAs. What is not shown is the burnout rate among students and the transparency in exactly how prepared CNAs are for actual careers in the healthcare industry. This poses a big risk for facilities that want to hire CNAs with thorough and up-to-date training. Facilities need to look beyond certification and research where students are receiving their education.

For students, there is a big risk in choosing a CNA training course. Some are very fast-paced and intense, as mentioned above. Some are also fly-by-night operations that are more focused on money than providing quality training. Most facilities and other healthcare employers rarely encounter these students, because they are not prepared to pass CNA tests. Fortunately, most states are cracking down on these operations, though there are always new ones popping up and placing ads on CraigsList and other sites.

The Online Difference for CNA Students and Facilities

CNAonline provides training for CNA students that removes the risks involved with training. Our program provides course materials which are available 24/7, including lectures, videos, and more. We use the nationally-acclaimed curriculum, How to Be a Nurse Assistant, developed by the American Health Care Association (AHCA), which is available in both e-book and audio formats. We provide a professional instructor that can check the progress in real time and address any issues students are having.

For facilities, CNAs who use our program receive the most thorough education available, and are fully prepared to launch their careers in the healthcare industry and to provide the highest quality care at facilities. Our students receive hands-on training through labs and clinical work at participating facilities, so they not only have the knowledge from the course, but the real-world experience to handle tasks at their jobs.

To learn more about the many benefits of CNAonline’s training program, contact us today.