The need to improve the quality of the care received at aging care facilities in the United States is a major issue most people support. Facilities are understaffed, while more people find themselves in need of care at those very facilities. While the general public waits for blanket legislation from Washington, DC to decide how healthcare coverage will proceed, facilities are discovering a much simpler and sensible solution which does not rely on months or years of debates and votes.

Improving Care Starts with Education and Training

When a facility is understaffed, the logical conclusion is to hire more CNAs. However, the CNA pool is not large enough to handle the demand, so facilities make a push for more training courses. Unfortunately, most CNA courses are held in physical classrooms, and tie up resources to train people. On the other side of the coin, there are many people who want to get into healthcare by taking CNA courses. But these eager people cannot simply rearrange their lives to travel to classes for CNA training, and then rush back to work their regular jobs or care for their own loved ones. This model generates burnout among students, and produces few CNAs to effectively improve the available workforce. In order to grow the CNA talent pool so facilities can provide care to those who need it, education and training need to be more accessible and flexible.

Thinking Outside the Physical Classroom

Offering students an option that focuses on easy access and uses technology provides CNA training to a wider audience and improves the workforce by leaps and bounds. CNAonline is the premier program for CNA training, giving students the education they need along with the flexibility to fit their own schedules. CNAonline uses the American Health Care Association’s nationally-acclaimed How to be a Nurse Assistant curriculum, which is available in e-book and audio formats. Source materials are made available 24/7, including lectures, articles, practice tests, and more. CNAonline’s students spend time at actual facilities for labs, and their progress can be tracked online by partnering facilities and instructors.

CNAonline recognizes the urgent need to increase the number of CNAs in the workforce, and our program is designed to help solve one of the most critical healthcare issues in the country. Contact CNAonline today to learn more.