There are a number of fiscal concerns involved when facilities offer CNA training courses. In many cases, the number of students graduating compared to the time, resources, and money that went into the training courses do not provide a net gain for the workforce. Fortunately, there is a way to reduce the costs involved in CNA training while simultaneously increasing the number of certified nursing assistants.

Sunk Cost Fallacy

There are some in the healthcare industry, including vendors, who believe that if only one person in a training course becomes a CNA, then the whole process is a success. The truth is the result ends up as a financial negative on the balance sheet. Think of the time, classroom space, resources, materials, and people involved in training a class full of people who want to be CNAs. All of these factors cost money, so when fewer CNAs complete a training course, the more expensive that course becomes. The same holds for the students. CNA students frequently cannot justify the time and money spent on courses if they have to upend their personal schedules or miss work to get a certification. The conventional solution has been to offer condensed courses, filling students with a lot of information over a short period of time in order to rush them to the finish line and increase the number of CNAs entering the workforce. This approach only increases the burnout rate among CNA students and lowers the efficacy of CNA training courses from a financial and practical point of view.

Affordable and Efficient CNA Training

The key to lowering CNA training costs across the board while raising the number of graduates is not to make classes more condensed, but in making them more accessible and flexible. CNAonline provides a hybrid course that incorporates the freedom of online learning with hands-on time at facilities. CNAonline uses the nationally-acclaimed How to Be a Nurse Assistant curriculum from the American Health Care Association (AHCA), which is available in e-book and audio formats. Students can learn at their own pace, with lectures, videos, practice tests, and more available online 24/7. Facilities save money and resources that would otherwise go into CNA training courses in physical classrooms. CNAonline has made great strides in providing flexible training for CNA students while also providing a much-improved workforce for facilities.

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