Today’s workforce is striving for something more fulfilling than a paycheck that covers the bills. Younger workers are seeking career paths that offer personal fulfillment with tangible results in a field that combines their passion with income. Many young people want to take CNA training, but are currently in jobs they can’t afford to lose in order to dedicate themselves to full-time training and commuting to classrooms.

On the other side of the coin, facilities are experiencing a dire shortage of CNAs and are trying to figure out how to recruit people to boost the workforce. Many look at the current situation as a deadlock of sorts. Facilities need CNAs. Young people want to be CNAs but cannot drop everything for training. Fortunately, the new CNA training model removes the roadblock by bringing training to students and CNAs to facilities.

The New CNA Training Model Explained

The new CNA training model, created and provided by CNAonline in conjunction with the American Health Care Association (AHCA) gives students flexible and accessible education and training. By offering CNA training and materials online, busy people can learn on their own time without having to commute or take time off from their regular jobs. Of course, there is hands-on lab work, which can be scheduled with a facility. Overall, this hybrid model allows for more CNAs to enter the workforce, and the course has a very high pass rate because students can learn at their own pace and review source material whenever they need it.

When facilities hire students who have taken the hands-on clinical labs in their facility, both the student and the facility benefit because the students have had a chance to learn on the facility’s equipment as well as be immersed in its culture.

Improving Care for Everyone

The new CNA training model through CNAonline allows students to combine their drive to offer care to others with jobs that offer a salary improvement over their jobs before taking the training course. Facilities are able to fill their staffing positions. Most importantly, the people who need care will be able to receive it from fully trained individuals who receive personal fulfillment from seeing to the needs of those around them.

If you own or run a facility and want to learn more about our CNA training model, contact CNAonline.