For the longest time, CNA training has been offered in physical classrooms by specific vendors. With the growing need for quality care, facilities simply cannot rely on the staggered classes to provide the workforce needed to meet current and future demands. By utilizing online CNA training, students, facilities, and most importantly – the people in need of care – will benefit greatly for decades to come.

Not All CNA Courses Are the Same

Facilities that offer in-house CNA training have to do a lot of juggling to pull together resources and people to make them available to students. Some approved vendors offer intensive CNA courses to provide students with a lot of information at once to get CNAs into the workforce quickly. Then there are the fly-by-night courses which are more focused on taking money from prospective students and offer very little in the way of actual training. The one thing all of the courses have in common is that they require people to reconfigure their lives to attend. Most CNA students already have jobs or are busy raising families. Taking time away from those responsibilities to commute to a classroom and then spend time learning, actually creates more stress for the students. This results in higher burnout rates, and students cannot focus properly when they are worrying about time lost on their regular jobs, or if they are stressing about obligations elsewhere.

Taking CNA Training Courses Online

CNAonline, through a partnership with the American Health Care Association, has developed an online, 27/7 CNA training course using the AHCA’s nationally acclaimed How to Be a Nurse Assistance curriculum. The course provides a professional instructor as well as the complete curriculum available as an e-book and audiobooks, plus lectures and video instructions. CNAonline also works with facilities to provide lab work and other hands-on clinical experience for students. With the availability of a comprehensive CNA training course, students can get their education from any location, on their time. They can focus on and review materials without any distractions. This allows for a higher number of qualified graduates. Ultimately, moving CNA training from the physical classroom to an online platform benefits everyone, from students to facilities to the people receiving the quality care they need.

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