The shortage of certified nursing assistants is nothing new. We have a growing population of people who will be in need of aging care, whether in their own homes or in a community. However, it takes both training and a desire to care for people to create a functional community for our aging population.

The Need for CNAs

The Baby Boomer generation is growing older. Facilities for care on all levels are under-staffed, and we need a new generation of qualified CNAs who can make a connection with people, whether they are seniors who live independently or need more attentive care. The major obstacle resides in both finding willing applicants who want to care for people and training those applicants on a schedule that fits their needs.

Getting CNAs Where You Need Them

One of the great things about supporting a CNA training program that allows the flexibility of online education combined with the practical demonstration of abilities is that facilities are getting licensed CNAs without the hassle of holding their own classes. CNAonline provides a course that uses the American Health Care Association’s nationally-recognized curriculum, How to Be a Nurse Assistant, and it is available as an e-book or audiobook 24/7 via smartphones or other devices. We provide an instructor who is a licensed nurse. We then partner with the hiring facility who hosts the in-person, hands-on clinical portion of the course and provides the instructor for the labs. Together, the two instructors coordinate to ensure that students are successful at passing the course and the state licensure test.

Resolving the Need for CNAs

The need for CNAs in all types of facilities and communities has been a concern for years and will continue to be so for decades to come. When we bring out hard facts, most CNA students need a learning and training schedule that is flexible and accessible. Restricting students to training facilities that are miles away from their homes and personal responsibilities only discourages their ambitions and widens the gap in available CNAs. If current and prospective students had access to courses which offered the flexibility they demand, along with a placement program, we could close the gap in our growing aging population segment along with the care they will need for the oncoming years.

CNAonline offers the flexible courses that future CNAs demand while working in tandem with facilities who need licensed nurse aides. If you need CNAs or want to promote the training of certified nursing assistants to fill your staffing needs, reach out to our offices today.