As we seek solutions to the current and future needs for CNAs within the aging care industry, facilities are looking for ways to attract millennials. Millennials look at both education and employment with a different mindset than previous generations of CNAs. In order to tap into this segment to fill available roles for CNAs, facilities need to focus on a few key aspects of the millennial mindset.

Millennial CNA Students Require Flexibility

Millennials lead very active lives and juggle multiple responsibilities at once. What may look like a very eclectic lifestyle is actually very self-aware time management. Millennial CNA students know how to portion out their days for coursework, other responsibilities, and cool-down periods. Commuting to physical training centers or adjusting their schedules with those of full-time CNA classes may conflict with other responsibilities, causing stress and poor performance. They need more flexibility and autonomy to yield the best results for courses and employers.

Millennial CNAs Are Focused on Technology

A base 20 percent of millennials would turn down training and employment if a place did not have technology that was up to snuff, or if those places used technology and equipment inefficiently. Millennials looking to become CNAs or work at facilities post-certification want an experience that incorporates technology into the learning experience as well as in the field. Having access to online learning courses that utilize the latest resources and methods, along with the ability to learn at their own pace yields much better results, and benefits both CNA students and their future employers. Millennial CNAs come away with more exhaustive knowledge and the ability to adapt to different tasks and environments on a daily or hourly basis if training courses make use of the technology available.

Millennials Balance Time and Automation

It is a great disservice to say millennials are lazy because of how they automate aspects of their lives. If anything, automation allows millennials to take on more responsibilities and focus on the things that really matter. Millennial CNAs are not going to travel long distances to training facilities when they can take courses online. Similarly, millennials are not going to pound the pavement for days to find a job when they can take advantage of matching systems to bring their resumes in front of facilities in need of CNAs. Automation, flexibility, and autonomy all converge to allow millennials to get the most out of their training, focus on their jobs, and provide the best care to those who need it.

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