Since the early-2000s, the healthcare industry has been approaching a workforce crisis. Large segments of our population are in need of long-term care, and that number is placing a severe strain on existing caregivers. The obvious solution is to get more CNAs into the talent pool, but providing the training to get to that point seems like a very large hurdle to clear.

People Want CNA Training

There is no shortage of people who want CNA training. Many people see CNA training as a means to a new and better career, combined with their passion for providing care to others. However, when a facility or vendor offers CNA training, not every person can attend the courses. The reasons are many, but top concerns for potential CNA students are:

  • They cannot afford to take time off from their existing jobs to attend CNA classes

  • They are caring for loved ones and cannot fit a course into their schedules

  • The classes are too far away to attend

The above concerns are the reasons why many CNA training courses do not draw the number of students needed to help close the staffing gap in the healthcare industry.

Condensed Courses Aren’t the Answer

Some CNA training courses offer condensed classes, so students can complete their coursework in a shorter period of time, without severely rearranging their schedules. This makes sense on paper, but in practice it’s a completely different story. Rushing students through condensed courses increases the rate at which people drop out, which results in fewer CNAs. People burn out due to the information overload and the lack of time to process and comprehend the knowledge they are given in class.

Solving the CNA Training Conundrum

CNAonline has been bridging the gap by providing online CNA training so more people can enter the workforce and fill the staffing needs at facilities. Our online course features the nationally-acclaimed How to Be a Nurse Assistant curriculum by the American Health Care Association (AHCA), which is available in e-book and audio formats. Lectures, videos, practice tests and more are available online 24/7, with hands-on clinical training at facilities. CNAonline allows students to learn at their own pace without disrupting their schedules or pushing the limitations of physical classes.

Contact CNAonline today to learn more about how our courses work, and how we are helping to build up the CNA workforce.