We receive a number of inquiries about online training courses for CNAs, from both students and aging care facilities alike. Understanding the impact and difference in our CNA training model when compared to the physical classroom experience can raise a lot of questions. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help present a clearer picture of what we do and how we help both CNA students and the healthcare industry as a whole.

If different states have their own requirements for CNAs, how can CNAonline tailor its courses?

CNAonline offers a course built on modules. Modules can be modified to meet the standards put forth by each state to ensure our CNA students are getting the education they need for that particular state. In addition, participating facilities can determine how long a class lasts – whether it’s two or six weeks, and in some cases, a full semester.

Does CNAonline provide certification tests?

We provide practice tests. Students are required to take the official CNA exam at a designated location within their state.

How many students can take the CNA training course?

One of the main benefits of taking our CNA training course is that there are virtually no limits to the number of students. We developed our CNA training program to overcome the limitations of physical classrooms, and to provide access to education without requiring students to rearrange their schedules for travel time. The only scheduled portion of the class are the in-person, hands-on clinical labs.

Can a facility track the progress of CNA students?

Online and facility instructors have the ability to track the progress of students through the course software, as well as the administrative portal. The analytics provide real-time insights on strengths of students, as well as any issues which need to be addressed. This allows for immediate intervention and results in high pass rates.

Is everything done online?

CNAonline provides a hybrid learning experience. The classroom part of our course is entirely online, but we also require students to perform clinical training at a provider facility or lab. This way, students can learn at their own pace while still receiving essential real-world experiences.

What sets CNAonline apart from other CNA training courses?

Our online course offers flexibility to students who are trying to become CNAs while balancing existing jobs and families. We have created our course to provide the best training while also addressing the need for more CNAs in the healthcare industry. One of the most important differentiators about CNAonline is the fact that we provide a professional instructor to help students through the entire course.