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CNA Blended Online Training Program

When the agency isn’t affordable, the community college spots aren’t available, and the millennials don’t want to sit in a classroom, there is another alternative.

CNAonline.com has developed a revolutionary approach to solve your problem of CNA workforce shortage.

The American Health Care Association (AHCA), in conjunction with our educational partners Academic Platforms, have released a new blended online certified nurse assistant (CNA) training program. The robust learning management system hosts over 800 online university courses. Our unique, blended pre-licensure training program provides flexibility, consistent education quality, and convenience for students.

The course is taught by qualifed online instructors and in-person nurse educators. Students and instructors have complete access to all curriculum materials through electronic books, online lectures, and skills videos. No downloading or installing necessary!

Program Key Features & Benefits:

  • Course is accessible 24/7 on smartphones, tablets or PCs.
  • Didactic portion completely available as an e-book or
    audiobook (no downloads or installs).
  • Professional course instructor provides consistent quality.
  • Practice tests, study guides, quizzes and chapter reviews
    help students along the way for a higher pass rate.
  • Competency-based skills checklists with visuals and videos.
  • Scheduled in person skills and clinical training.
  • Real time data analytics, including class activity reports
    and individual student competencies.
  • The ability to customize content for your organization.
  • Standardized program ensures quality of training at all locations.

How Our Program Works:

Our program is the most thorough, resident-centered CNA training available. It allows students to access the course online but mandates that clinical skills are still taught in-person with a nurse instructor. The latest edition of the How To Be a Nurse Assistant curriculum demonstrates the tradition of excellence and commitment to quality care which AHCA is renowned for across the long term and post-acute profession.

Students get complete access to each chapter of the textbook to view or listen to on their laptops, tablets or smart phones. Our management system tracks student learning time, instructor records, competency checklists, and much more.


If you have the following qualifications we would like to hear from you.​​

  • Licensed in your state
  • Two years LTC experience
  • A certified instructor in your state
  • Willing to teach classes on a contract basis per class

Fill out the form on this page and we will contact you with next steps!