Frequently Asked Questions

Facility FAQ’s

Can I see each student's progress in the portal?

Yes, there are two places for instructors, preceptors, and authorized administrative personnel to review student results and data analytics. One is in the course software itself, and the other is in the administrative portal that imports data from the course and summarizes it in a dashboard view.

How can the course be tailored to each state's specific regulations?

The course is built in modules, and the content is organized as chapters. We can adjust accordingly, based on each state’s requirements for topics and by modifying the level of activities, quizzes, and assignments.

How do you schedule in-person training and competency return-demonstration testing?

The instructors will coordinate this for each group with guidelines provided directly from the course lesson plan.

Is my state approved to use this course?

We already have approval in several states and are actively pursuing licensing in all states. We are thankful to the AHCA affiliates that are facilitating this process with us. To apply for approval, we must have a specified site and named preceptor. If you have questions regarding approval in your state, or would like to apply to be the first site, please contact us

How much does the course cost?

The course cost ranges from $700-$900 per student. The upper range is for the university-accredited version which has additional workload parameters that meet the minimums for college credit. Pricing may be tiered based on volume commitments. The costs include all course materials for students including the How to Be a Nurse Assistant e-book and instructor fees. The host’s provider organization for the course will be required to cover the costs of the clinical instructor.

How many training hours are in the course? Clinical hours?

We customize the course to meet the requirements for each state.

Is the program web-based?

Yes, it is web based. There are two basic requirements, you must have a web browser (Google or Chrome is preferred), and you must have a connection to the internet. It is no different than loading a web page, or doing a Google search.

Is state testing included in the course?

Testing requires a separate fee per student and is regulated by each state. Tests are conducted at designated locations.

Can I run a class for just two students?

Yes, the system will allow this to occur, but it is not cost effective in most cases. Each student must have an assigned preceptor and lab facility to complete the course. The costs for the instructor and technology support may require an additional service fee for small class sizes. The preferred size is 5-10 students per class.

How do you identify timelines for each applicant regarding assignments and tests?

The course tracks all timelines based on the parameters determined by specific state regulations.

Do you assist the applicants with scheduling PearsonVue exams/state licensing exam?

Preceptors typically do the final skills check-offs and then coordinate the exam scheduling and registration based on the testing locations.

Explain hybrid / blended learning?

The classrom portion is delivered online, and clinical skills training is done in person at a provider facility or lab.

What technologies can support the course? (phone, etc.)

The online program is web-based and is accessible through smart phones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers.

How do I know this course is legitimate?

This course is based on the American Health Care Association?s (AHCA) How To Be a Nurse Assistant curriculum. Each course will be approved in each state where approval is required. AHCA has been delivering nurse assistant training for LTC for over 30 years.

Who is AHCA?

AHCA is the American Health Care Association. As the nation?s largest association of long term and post-acute care providers, AHCA advocates for quality care and services for frail, elderly, and disabled Americans.

How are the clinical skills done?

Clinical skills instruction and training will be done in an approved lab setting. Options include facilities that meet regulatory compliance parameters and nonfacility training labs.

How do students turn in assignments / take quizzes and tests?

All student work is submitted online. Our system tracks detailed information on student activity.

Do you conduct mock exams to prepare for the proctored exam?

Our program includes practice tests, study guides, quizzes, and skills checklists to prepare students for taking the proctored exam for certification.

What are the functions of the web portal?

-Fast-track enrollment
-Record storage
-Request courses and course scheduled dates
-Monitor student progress
-Historical data on past classes