The number of people who require long-term care has increased and is quickly growing, revealing a shortage in CNAs for decades to come. Fortunately, the CNA training landscape has also changed to provide widespread educations while filling the CNA gap across the United States.

Overcoming the CNA Hurdle

Depending on the analyst, the healthcare industry is either approaching a crisis or it has passed the tipping point. Either way, action needs to be taken to correct the current trajectory and get more CNAs into the field. The major issue is filling classrooms with CNA students who will graduate and fill vacancies at a higher rate to meet the needs of those who require quality care. Physical classrooms can only seat a limited number of CNA students. The intensive training and condensed class time means many will burn out before the final exams. Of those who try to stick with the course, a majority have jobs or family responsibilities, and they simply cannot afford the time away from either to complete the training. To curb the current trend, CNAonline has partnered with the American Health Care Association (AHCA) to create a CNA training course to reach a wider audience and allow more CNAs to enter the workforce. Our online course features the nationally-acclaimed How to Be a Nurse Assistant curriculum in both e-book and audio formats, along with many other cutting-edge materials and videos to give CNA students the advantages they need to get certified and prepare themselves for careers in the healthcare industry for years to come. What’s more, our program works with facilities to provide hands-on experience in clinical lab settings and practice exams so our CNA students come out on top and ready to improve the ratio of caregivers to those in need.

CNAonline’s training program is the solution for offering widespread access to CNA training to overcome the shortage of care providers in the United States. We aim to train CNAs to fill roles today while providing a talent pool to meet the demands of the healthcare industry for decades to come. To learn more about our program, contact CNAonline today.