More vendors are offering accelerated CNA training courses as a means to meet the growing demand for quality care providers. As our country’s aging population increases in number, the demand for CNAs is also growing. To boost the workforce to meet those demands, vendors and fly-by-night online courses alike are offering accelerated courses, which condense the information taught while shortening the time students spend studying for the official CNA exam. In theory, this seems like a viable solution to CNA staffing problems at facilities, but we need to dig a bit deeper to see how this works in practice.

Lower Success Rates

Accelerated CNA training gives students important information in a short period of time. But it doesn’t give students much time to review coursework before being rushed to an exam. Accelerated training can lead to lower success rates among students, because they are basically paying for a cram session. Additionally, the stress of rearranging their personal and professional lives to make it to those CNA classes leads to a higher rate of people dropping out and risks turning students off from launching careers in the healthcare industry.

There is a better way.

CNA Training with Blended Online and In-Person Courses

As an alternative to accelerated CNA training courses, CNAonline offers a blended learning experience which not only increases student retention rates, but also the passing rate of students taking official CNA exams. CNAonline provides a course built around the American Health Care Association’s How to Be a Nurse Assistant, available in e-book and audio formats. Coursework, lectures, videos, classes, practice exams, and more are available online, 24/7. Students can learn at their own pace and participating facilities can track their progress. Students also receive hands-on training by going to labs and facilities for their clinical hours. The result is more CNAs passing state exams and entering the workforce to meet the staffing demands now and for the future. Our blended courses are a big win for students and facilities alike, and especially those people in need of quality care.

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