CNA training is in high demand by both facilities and those looking to launch new careers in the healthcare industry. Recently, there has been a shift to embrace online CNA training because of the many benefits it offers to everyone involved.

1. Flexibility ensures better knowledge retention and higher quality training

CNA training in physical classrooms places pressure on students. Many CNA students already have jobs and cannot afford to miss work. Others are raising families or taking care of loved ones. Rearranging their lives for CNA training comes with added stress which can hinder performance. Online training allows CNA students to work at their own pace and absorb the necessary knowledge to pass the final exam with much better scores.

2. Higher class graduation rates

Condensed courses in physical classrooms have higher burnout rates than online CNA training sources. Students perform better when the course materials, lectures, videos, and practice tests are available 24/7 and make use of technology. By making those materials available online, facilities do not have to worry about class capacity or reaching a minimum number of attendees. Students are able to revisit and review materials to ensure they are prepared for the official CNA exam. Students have hands-on training at facilities, as well, for labs. Additionally, facility instructors can track the progress of individual students online, to address any concerns or questions they might have.

3. Looking at the bigger picture

Online CNA courses can help to close the growing gap in aging care facilities and elsewhere. Looking down the road, the number of people requiring care from CNAs is only going to increase. If we do not cast a wider net to provide CNA training, many facilities will be overwhelmed and understaffed. Online CNA training courses can remedy this situation and address one of the biggest concerns in the healthcare industry today, and for years to come.

CNAonline is the leader in online CNA training. We use the nationally-acclaimed How to Be a Nurse Assistant curriculum from the American Health Care Association (AHCA). We provide the most thorough and flexible CNA training course to increase the number of certified nursing assistants in the workforce to meet the demands and needs of the healthcare industry now and into the future.